TFConnect TMS

Your Portal to Convenience and Savings


TFConnect is a powerful, easy-to-use Transportation Management System (TMS) developed by Top Flight Concepts to help customers reduce freight costs and streamline their shipping process. Choosing the right carrier for every shipment is critical to the success and profitability of your business, and TFConnect provides the tools you need to manage your freight program effectively. Whether your business is manufacturing, retail, or product distribution, freight costs are a major factor in your margins, and TFConnect helps you reduce cost by making good decisions.


TFConnect stores all your carrier pricing, lets you shop rates, and helps you enforce compliance with your company’s shipping policies. The online freight rate calculator makes it easy for your sales personnel to determine an accurate freight cost when pricing orders. We can even help you create custom freight-based pricing models for each customer or account, so you can pass on larger discounts to your best customers and use freight as an incentive in the sales process.


TFConnect makes it easy for you to create shipments, print bills of lading, schedule pickup, and track shipments through to delivery. We integrate directly with carrier web tools so that all of your shipment information is available on one convenient web site. Most importantly, TFConnect users know that Top Flight Concepts stands behind the product, always just a phone call away to answer questions and respond to changing needs.


If you are a Freight Broker or Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider looking for cloud-based freight software, TFConnect is also available as a subscription-based hosted TMS. If you are starting a new freight business or just want to reduce IT expenses, hosted transportation management systems are the perfect solution.
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