Freight Rate Calculator

Powerful, Flexible Freight Rating Features

TFConnect is a full-featured, enterprise Transportation Management System (TMS), and it boasts one the best freight rate shopping engines in the business. Calculating freight costs accurately is critical to the sales process, and TFConnect includes powerful freight rating features that enable you to get an accurate freight rate and choose the right carrier on every shipment. Our software integrates directly with carrier web services, rating APIs, and other web tools for all major regional and national LTL freight carriers. There is no better way to ensure the accuracy of freight cost estimates than to pull them directly from the carriers’ systems. We are also an SMC3 Alliance Partner, and our software integrates seamlessly with the SMC’s proven RateWare rating engine for CzarLite and carrier-specific published rate bases. In addition, TFC has developed its own proprietary freight rating tools so that you can load rates in a variety of formats, including pallet rates, zone rates, mileage rates, and more. Calculating freight rates is our core business, and we have developed creative solutions to the many challenging freight rating scenarios we have met with over the course of more than a decade.


If you have a commercial or proprietary ERP, an e-commerce web site, or other software, and you would like to integrate TFConnect’s freight rate calculator into your system, TFConnect includes a rich set of web services that make integration easy. With API Integration users of your system can take advantage of many of TFConnects’s powerful freight tools without ever navigating out of your system. Call 855-SHIPTFC or e-mail us today to find out how our freight rate calculator can improve your freight shipping process.