Freight Payment Audit Services

Analyze Carriers and Lower Freight Costs

Freight Payment Audit services Provided by Top Flight Concepts

Top Flight Concepts has provided quality freight payment audit services for more than 15 years.

We are serious about accuracy, and we also understand that auditing your freight bills is about more than just finding mistakes. As we analyze your invoices we look for freight savings opportunities and make suggestions for how to reduce cost and improve service. You will also have access to standard and custom reports so that you can analyze your shipment data and measure cost by product or commodity, shipping lane, carrier, and any other metrics you want to measure. Our data mining experts work directly with you to make sure you get the complete analysis you need to make smart freight decisions for your business.


As far as our audit process, we set the gold standard for accuracy and completeness. We hand check every invoice against the bill of lading to ensure all details are correct, and we make sure you are not overcharged or billed in error for any shipments or services. We negotiate proactively with carriers when we identify charges that could be reduced or eliminated, and we make product packaging suggestions when we notice a recurring issue. At Top Flight Concepts, details are our business, and you can rest assured your freight payables are in good hands.


To learn more about our freight payment audit services and how we can help your company with all there freight shipping invoices contact us today to speak with a helpful expert that understands your companies transpositions spending needs. You can use our online Contact US page to have one of our helpful staff members contact you back 24/7.  Or you can call our office between normal business hours to speak with a freight payment audit specialist at 855-744-7832.


We handle freight payment and audit services for a wide spectrum of shippers from large corporations all the way to new start-up companies looking to streamline their transportation and freight costs.