Business Rules

Business Rules and Decision Support

Freight Management Services By Top Flight Concepts


To manage your freight program effectively, you need the power to respond quickly to challenges and new business opportunities. With TFConnect and Top Flight Concepts as your shipping and technology partner, you can experiment, learn, and quickly implement changes that help your business. Many logistics providers rely on software created by outside companies, but we developed TFConnect from the ground up and continue to make improvements. Using our own proprietary software allows us to work creatively with you to identify problems and create solutions.


Every company takes a slightly different approach to their business, and your methodology is what defines you in the marketplace. Sometimes it makes sense to change practices, but good systems should be flexible enough to accommodate unique processes that are working well and should not be altered. Top Flight Concepts has a solid track record for implementing solutions that work. We work directly with you to collect information, analyze feedback, and constantly refine your process. We can implement custom business rules and create custom reports not only to help you understand and overcome challenges but also to open doors to new opportunities as well.


Freight shipping is a major expense in any manufacturing or distribution business. The ability to implement custom business rules in your transportation management system can create efficiencies that reduce transportation costs. Top Flight Concepts can work with you to create custom metrics, monitor carrier selection compliance, and link freight shipment data to key fields in your order management system, creating an effective decision support tool. Rather than allowing a transportation management system to dictate your process, stay focused on the core processes and procedures that have made your business successful, and let us customize the software and and decision support metrics to match your business rules.


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