Smart Freight Solutions

Top Flight Concepts is your dependable one-stop provider for freight services. With Top Flight Concepts as your shipping and technology partner, you will reduce freight costs and create a smooth, efficient shipping process. Proudly celebrating 20+ years offering technology and freight services, Top Flight Concepts has the experience, tools, and relationships to optimize your freight shipping program.

  • Compare Multiple Freight Quotes
  • Create a Shipping Account
  • Advanced Technology Services
  • Custom Enterprise Solutions

Shipping Solutions

1 Create

CREATE a Shipping Account to Manage All Your Shipments in One Location.

Creating an account is free and simple. Register Now!

Book Your Shipment Right Online—no need to call us!

Don’t need a shipping account? Don’t worry, you can still quote and ship without an account.

2 Quote

Instantly receive freight quotes from multiple carriers. Get a Quote Now!

Save your quote with no obligation to ship.

Talk with our expert agents about your shipment and ongoing shipping needs.

Ship frequently? Let us help you create a customized shipping program for your business.

3 Book

BOOK your shipment Online with our convenient and easy-to-use TFConnect shipping portal.

Call in and speak with one of our Friendly Experts to book over the phone.

We review every shipment to make sure all details are accurate.

We handle the paperwork and make sure you have the required documents.

4 Ship

Print shipping documents and Schedule Pickup online.

Track Your Shipment.

See your Shipment History and run reports.

Whether you ship every day or just once in a while, TFConnect is the Perfect Tool to Streamline Your Shipping.

5 Save

SAVE on Freight by shopping rates from Multiple Carriers on every shipment.

Take advantage of our Deep Discounts with Top Quality Freight Carriers.

Make Your Customers happy by finding the Best Carriers for your business.

Let us help you make Smart Freight Decisions.

Technology Services

TFConnect TMS

TFConnect is an easy-to-use, complete shipping management system designed to help you streamline your shipping process and reduce freight costs. Learn More

Custom Software Development

Top Flight Concepts is a technology company from the start, and TFConnect is our own creation. If you have custom software needs, let us innovate and solve your problems. Learn More

API Integration

TFConnect integrates with numerous freight carrier APIs and includes a web service API of its own. Our web services allow you to integrate shipping functions seamlessly into your application. Custom integration requirements? No problem! Learn More

Freight Rate Calculator

At the core of TFConnect is its powerful and flexible freight rating engine. TFConnect integrates directly with freight carriers to bring back accurate pricing for every shipment. TFConnect also integrates with SMC3 RateWare and other rating tools and even allows you to create custom pricing, such as pallet rates, per-mile rates, and more. Learn More


Freight Process Optimization

With TFConnect you can display accurate freight quotes from multiple carriers and empower your business to make Smart Freight Decisions. Shop our discount freight rates, your custom pricing, or even a combination of both! The easy-to-use quoting and tracking features help your personnel make better decisions and provide excellent customer service.

Freight Payment / Audit

Top Flight Concepts has provided quality freight payment services for more than 20 years:

  • Audit freight and accessorial pricing
  • Hand check every bill of lading
  • Apply customized accounting codes
  • Pay directly from your account

Freight Rate Negotiations

With over 20 years in the business, Top Flight Concepts has strong carrier relationships and deep experience negotiating freight pricing. Let us analyze your product packaging, shipping patterns, and carrier selection, and we will make sure you ship at the lowest possible rates with the highest level of service.

Business Rules / Decision Support

Every business has unique needs, and we can adapt to yours. Implement business rules and take the guesswork out of your freight program:

  • Centralize control of carrier choices
  • Create custom mark-ups
  • Customize logic by location
  • Experiment, Learn, Adapt


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